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Great Presents Available


Guests love stepping into our gift shop and finding this item. With our Greatest Hits CD, you will be sure to remember your experience at Live From Glasgow long after you have left. Choose the perfect gift for loved ones, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself as well. See what else we have in store for you today.


This gift is sure to make you and your loved ones smile. We love seeing the look on guests face when they see that our Coffee Table Book is available for purchase in the gift shop. It’ll leave a lasting memory in your mind, and a warm memory in your heart. Are you curious to see what else is available? Browse more of our gift shop options now.


This beautiful souvenir celebrates the talent that comes through our Concert Venue. Guests love purchasing this gift for their friends, family, and even for themselves. Our Sheet Music is a great way for you to remember Live From Glasgow for years down the road. See what else we have available in our store now.

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